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Flower Trends 2024

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Wedding bells are chiming and 2024 is set to be another year of creativity and endless possibilities........... Flowers can really transform a space from drab into a wonderland of luxury and opulence, elevate a wedding and making whatever statement is right for you on your big day. Flower choices are key and so is seasonality. Asking for flowers which are out of season will be expensive and they may not be the best quality so speak to your florist about what is best for the time of year. Your florist will be able to advise what is in season and which flowers will give you the biggest impact and the biggest bang for buck.

Whatever your style, and whatever statement you would like to make there are a few trends which are so far shining through for 2024.......

Bold Colours

Bright flowers wedding
Bright flower trend

Eye-catching blooms adding a burst of energy and personality to wedding celebrations. Couples are choosing to break away from tradition and embrace the rainbow of possibilities that vibrant flowers offer to show off their personalities and make a statement . With vibrant Anemones and Ranunculus dominating in springtime along with a dusting of frillyTulips. Fluffy Peonies and billowing wildflowers during the summer months are proving popular with couples. For Late summer & Autumn Dahlias and Zinnias taking centre stage being the perfect statement florals.


Wedding trends
Wedding textures

Textures created by mixing dried and fresh ingredients to lure guests into an opulent vibe. Think prikly thistles, soft feathers and fluffy pampas, with velvet roses and asparagus fern. Create a dynamic and textured look by combining textures or choosing blooms with varying shapes and sizes to add depth and interest.

Wedding flower trends
wild wedding flowers

Seasonal and local flowers perfectly playing into the hands of sustainability. A mix if wild flowers, hedgerow and herbs, a true celebration of what mother nature has to offer with many couples choosing to go green and think about sustainability. Ride the season using only British blooms & foliage.

Statement pieces
Statement weddings
Cake table

Take your wedding decor to the next level with bold floral installations. Whether it's a flower wall, a suspended arrangement, or an arch adorned with vibrant blooms, these installations serve as breathtaking backdrops for ceremonies and photo ops, real howstoppers to make your big day memorable. Floral chandeliers, moongates, dried flower clouds or cake stands. You can then pair down your table decor and focus on a few special elements.


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