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Brides Bouquet

Weaving with the delicate tapestry of nature


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Imagine your wedding as a carefully crafted scene, where every petal, hue, and fragrance is a part of the evocative storytelling………… flowers, with their diverse shapes and colours become the vibrant actors in this tale, setting the stage for a love story to unfold. Each bloom plays a unique role, contributing to the immersive narrative of the natural world with its seasonal authenticity.

As a Southampton based florist studio we we work closely with our clients to transform their spaces in a visual symphony that resonates with the emotions of the occasion

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Wedding Flowers
flower crown workshop
Wreath Workshop
Styled shoot

Weddings& Events 

From bijoux weddings through to full service we provide breathtakingly beautiful florals for clients weddings and special occasions using seasonal stems and foraged finds

Hen Workshops

Make your own beautiful handmade fresh or dried  flower crown, perfect for any festival themed event, summer hen weekend, birthday party or baby shower

Wreath Workshops

 Release your creativity, explore new ideas and create a beautiful door wreath from gorgeous seasonal greenery, berries, feathers and dried  ingredients 

Styling & Commercial 

We offer full service botanical and floral inspired styling for shops, hotels,  editorial and commercial photoshoots  using  gorgeous seasonal ingredients

Flower urn
Brides bouquet
Flower Moongate

I knew our flower  were going to be good but they exceeded my expectations in every way......

BECKY & CHRIS - Bride & Groom 

Flowers in Urn
A symphony of rich, warm hues painting a picturesque canvas of nature's grand finale before the winter chill sets in. A palette of autumnal colours resonating through a visual feast of dried ingredients, berries, and seed pods, adding texture and depth to the overall aesthetic. In this botanical narrative, every flower is a character, and every arrangement is a scene, capturing the essence of nature and weaving a delicate tapestry
Autumn wedding Flowers
Corsage flowers
Flower Corsage
Farnham Castle Wedding

Seasonal Inspiration 

Cain Manor wedding
Peony Bouquet
Cain Manor wedding
Wedding Flowers
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