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Fabulous Flower Crown Workshops

With a gorgeous selection of fresh, dried and faux blooms I guide you step by step through the process with lots of hints and tips on how to use the ingredients, with wiring and taping where needed. A fabulously fun & creative session where everyone gets to take home a keepsake.

Autumn Seed Sowing

Autumn seed sowing enables you to get a head start on next year. It gives an earlier crop than spring sown plants and gives that succession needed to have a continuous display. They can be sowed in a greenhouse, poly tunnel, coldframe or even in old milk jugs, and some can go straight outside either in the final cropping positions or in pots........

Autumn Seed Sowing .png

Lifting & storing Dahlias 

As a florist an a gerdener Dahlias are easily my favourite flower of all time but they do tend swing back and forth on the fashion pendulum. Back in the 1800's they were known as Georginas and were frightfully expensive. They were a real status symbol costing one hundred pounds a tuber. Wealthy families would plant large borders full of them and invite guests round for afternoon tea to show them off..........