Package contains 2 SINGLE tubers


If you live in very wet or cold areas we recommend you plant into pots on receiving them. Once they start to grow you can plant into borders after the last frost date.  Plant  just like you would  spring bulbs to a depth of three times the height of the tuber and water well. Prefers a light and well-draining soil and will appreciate a sunny position.  Protect from frost as this may kill the tubers.


Will flower throughout the summer an into Autumn up until the first frost.  After the leaves have been blackened  then can be lifted  and stored somewhere dry and frost-free for winter. Keep deadheading throughout the season to encourage  repeat  blooming. Stake as needed to prevent them falling over - especailly the  dinnerplate varieties .


All tubers come with a plant Passport.





Snowstorm Dahlia Tubers