0.27mm, A4 Sheets. X 3

Indredients: Potato starch, water, olive oil. Gluten Free. Store below 25 degrees in a cool dry place.


Ultra-fine pattern cut wafer paper, suitable for all kinds of uses in baking and sugarcraft. Can be used whole or cut as required. Easy to use and offers a quick, easy and effective way to add texture to cakes. Add depth with dust (powder) food colours or sprays. Supplied in plain white.


Sheets have one smooth side and one rough side and are compltely edible. Each sheet has a natural solid border around to help keep the sheet protected while cutting and for transit - this can be cut off with scissors before use. In some ultra fine designs with particularly thin sections there may occur some small breakage in transit.

Leaf Trellis A4 Wafer Paper Cut Out Sheets x3