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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

With so many 2021 weddings now booked and even 2020 wedding moving out a year we take a look at the latest trends. What more and more customers are asking for and the inspiration being used. We’ve pulled together the must-haves and most exciting wedding trends of the year.


Each wedding is very personal and everyone just wants something special and unique. Top of the wedding trend list is informal gatherings. Inviting everyone you know to your big day is no longer on trend and quite risky in the current climate . Instead couples are opting for more bijoux, relaxed and informal celebrations which means that they can spend their budget more lavishly on a smaller group and go all out setting a theatrical theme.


Cutting back on guests doesn’t mean you have to cut back on extravagance though and with Instagram now the go to place for checking out the best wedding trends for all over the world it’s no surprise that one of the latest wedding trends is for oversize décor, theatrical styling and giant statements


Going local is growing in popularity every year, with Brexit first and now more and more people want to support local businesses through the pandemic crisis. So sourcing British flowers from your local flower farm or florist is a great way to be as eco friendly as possible as the airmiles involved in bringing the blooms to your big day will be practically zero. Small scale flower farmers are perfectly placed to offer the most beautiful seasonal blooms, growing in back gardens, allotments and small fields all around the country. Seeds are sowed with love and cared for with thought for the environment and seasonality.

To find your local flower farmer in the UK you can visit the Flowers from the Farm website. Your local flower farmer/florist should be able to advise and guide you through what is in season each month. Many of these same growers & florists are also committed to foam free and this movement is now gathering pace due to the toxicity of the foam and the fact that it is not biodegradable and is single use ending up in landfill after your big day. An eco friendly florist will use moss and twig bases and reusable containers instead.


Floral Chandaliers , Moongates and Flower Clouds all create a theatrical bold statement with the wow factor. Try using a moongate as a backdrop for your ceremony or as an entrance to your venue which will double us as a photo Backdrop.

Budget tip: you don’t need the whole moongate decorated you can go with just a top half or corner with some whispy stems cascading down


Sweetheart tables for two are also becoming popular with statement table décor cascading down or wildflower troughs placed infront.

Bride & groom seating for photos is also becoming very popular with wicker chairs, sofas and backdrops.

Budget tip: If you want the wow factor, but you don’t have a wow budget then flower troughs can be re used from the ceremony lining the aisles or front.


It hard to decide which table to seat everyone at so many couples are instead opting for long tables instead of round – with lots of candles and jars dotted along. This makes a more informal causal style with guests being able to shuffle up and down between courses.


With their long trailing stems cascading bouquets are seriously on trend to grow in 2021. Whether you choose a full cascade almost down to the ground or just a few cascading stems inside a regular bouquet the effect is stunning.


Long and thin, easy to carry and stunningly beautiful. It’s a stamen piece without being over the top so its easy to see why these are becoming so popular. Eco friendly florists are even able to make these without using foam .


It’s hard to imagine a bouquet without scent so to complement the floral notes many couples are asking for scented bouquets , something which reminds them of their childhood garden or their favourite flowers which grandad used to grow. Many flower such as roses and stocks are highly fragrant but you can also add fragrance with foliage herbs such as rosemary and lavender. My favourite scented foliages are scented geranium, choisya, clary sage and mint – of which we grow seven different varieties here on the plot.


Some flowers taste as good as they look, which is probably why edible flowers are so popular for weddings. As we grow organically without any pesticides we are being asked more and more to provide bunches of flowers for the caterers to use.

Flowers frozen into ice cubes, infused in drinks, tossed in salads, and on top of desserts. It’s a great way to use floral elements in ways that don’t involve centrepieces and bouquets.


Whatever the trends remember this is your day, so make it your own and make it how you want it and make it unique. To Book flowers with us contact us here.

Credits :

Farnham Boutique

The surrey wedding company

Fuchsia Blooms

Berties Photgraphy


Farnham Castle

Lillibooke Manor


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