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Spring is in the air

As every gardener knows a spring garden needs to be planned well in advance. For me it's a crazy time of year - September. Kids are back at school and still not settled back into to everyday life after a couple of weeks of sailing around the med and dreaming of a sailors life. But the life of a flower farmer means that the daffodils need to be bought and planted if you want a great display or plenty of cuttig material. Especially if you are picky about the variety you want to grow, otherwise all you have to choose from is the leftovers after everyone else has done their purchasing.

A hectic life means that each year I fail to comply with the schedule. Its not my fault, if there were more hours in the day then I would not be such a failiure in this task. Pls don't fire me Sir Alan!

Last year I did manage an early purchase of Replete with its lavish, pretty peach double frilled blooms and Sir Winston Churchill with its clusters of creamy white, ruffled double flowers flecked with orange inthe centre.

However come January, once again the leftovers are lurking on a stand at the local garden centre, weeping with sadness and wanting to be purchased. I first started doing this a few years ago when moving house at the wrong time of year (Although in the gardening celendar I am not sure I would actually be able to pinpoint a good time to actually move) To my surprise the January planted daffodils bloomed with gusto. I was not dissapointed. So yes there is an ideal time of year, but with a cold snap, enough for them to notice and realise that winter has arrived here in Hampshire, I have discovered that this is enough and nowadays I don't worry to much if my daffs go in go at the end of September or some time in January. I know I will still get some decent blooms.

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