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Roses are Red

Well in my garden and on the flower patch they are an array of colours. From pure white to oyster, pink sorbet to apricot and lilac. There are literally hundreds of types with so many different stem lengths and colours that would complement any theme.

We match our roses very carefully to all of our wedding themes using dusky colours for vintage weddings, sorbet colours for high summer and jewel tones in autumn. We also consider the colours of the bridesmaids dresses and style of the brides dress to ensure just the right shade and size ….... it may be complementary or it maybe a contrast but will match the look & feel of your big day.

From tea roses to floribundas, wild and free there is a rose out there to suit every scheme, each with its own size, texture, colour and not to mention fragrance. We cut our roses a few days prior to the wedding to ensure that they are at just the right stage of ripening, opening up for your big day with billowing and blousy ruffles. Allowing their fragrance to fill the air with strong myrrh notes, dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope or hints of elderflower, pear and almond. There is nothing quite like the scent of a rose in your bridal bouquet.

There are so many floral combinations you could include in your bouquet and at Fuchsia Blooms we complement our roses with herbs such as rosemary, mint and clary sage to add depth. Catkins, seed pods and berries also make great accompaniments alongside other seasonal blooms such as peonies, scabious and dahlias to add interest and variety.

All of our bouquets are delivered in water to ensure freshness and are trimmed just prior to delivery. They should be kept in the water preferably in a cool room until you are ready. They should then be removed from the water and the ends dried with a towel to ensure you don’t get any water on the dresses.

I would love to share all of my favourite varieties, however there are just so many that this post would be enormous and each wedding and bouquet is so unique. So let’s just say that whatever your colour scheme and no matter what time of year you’re tying the knot, there’s a rose to suit your big day!

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