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My Favourite Filler Flowers

I have limited space so I really need to make sure each flower is worth the space it's taking up. I re look at what I will grow each year and tailor it to each years weddings and clients so each year is very different. Here are some of my favourites:

LARKSPUR - best sowed in Autumn but can be sowed in spring, will re sprout after cutting but stems will be much smaller. Don't repeat flowers until we'll in to June even from an autumn sowing.

NIGELLA - Best sowed direct in autumn through to spring. An early easy crop which will self seed in abundance.Once cut the ground can be cleared for a second crop.

CORNFLOWER - A tricky one as it takes a long time to cut individually. Needs to be cut hard as soon as the first few flowers open and then clear the ground.

HESPERIS - a long lived biennial. Cut and come again in abundance so one of the best flowers going.

ACHILLEA PTARMICA - such a pretty flower and much nicer to use than gyp. Will get a second flush with shorter stems once cut, and is perennial so no need to re sow every year.

CENTAUREA MOSCHATA - such a gorgeous shape. Cut back hard and clear the ground afterwards for a second crop.

PHACELIA - Green manure crop which blooms very quickly and early in the season which is such a joy. It's not usually used as a cut flower but my customers all love it.

ACHILLEA - flowering a little later than the rest of my favourites and always super useful. It's another perennial so doesn't need to be sowed every year! It's also super easy to propagate and spreads very easily.


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