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I Heart Pantone Violet

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

So when the colour of the year was announced back in December by #Pantone my heat did kind of sink a little. In recent years I have not been a great fan on violet, I think I just overdid it back in the 1990’s. It was the time when I had left university, bought my first house and my living room walls were painted violet – or just plain purple as we used to call it back then. US sitcom Friends had been airing for a few years and the shade was not too dissimilar to that of Rachel & Monika’s very cool apartment. So fast forward 20 years and please forgive me for feeling like this.

I have now managed to just get over it and think of it in a new light. My house does have a rather grey tinge to it and I am now actually loving all that violet can offer me by bringing some tonal colour in. Grey is actually a very difficult colour to get right. It can be warm or cool and mixing these can lead to disaster - violet avoids that chaos and lifts the tones so brilliantly. Especially when used tonally.

Violet teemed with greens & teal colours also looks great. With a jewel like iridescence which draws you in like following a genie into his lamp.

I can't wait to see what the season has in store for Pantone violet and to explore the colour combinations which this brings. From Hydrangea heaven to Anemones, Delphiniums and Sweet peas - I am already thinking British blooms will be having a field day. My crop of Navy blue sweet peas will have the darkest of violet hues and I may be using all of the globe thistles before they lose their colour this year. Right now I need to get myself down to the garden centre to get some more Hydrangea colourant to ensure mine stay on the blue side rather than turning pink. I hear throwing a handful of rusty nails onto the soil also helps so I may have to raid the garage too.

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