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Christmas Wreath foraging

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

I have a great love of wreaths at all times of year. They adorn doors up and down the country to give an extra zing of kerb appeal. They can be home made or bought and even made in workshops. So many of my friends have been proud to tell me at how they have spent the evening chattering with friends over a hoop and some dried twigs. It really signals to start of Christmas for many.

It always amazes me how much you can find foraging round the garden, allotment and hedgerows at this time of year. Evergreens, berries, moss and branches with long lost leaves! It's a time of quite frankly barreness in most gardens with little or no flowers at all so you really do need to be creative and find beauty all around.

I like to use long stems of ivy to make my hoops with. They are gnarly and uneven giving them a crazy eccentric look which suits my wild style. They also keep for many many weeks without looking old, crusty or brown. I also love to use moss as it hides the wires so well when they need to be well hidden. Even on its own this looks great, beautifully simple!

If I do want to add some more details I do tend to favour pinecones and berries and copies amounts of gold, silver or copper coloured spray.

With the years workshops over and done with now I am looking forward to Easter and the new possibilities this brings with springtime blooms.

For more info on the Fuchsia Blooms story check out my Blog FindingMyStyle.

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