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Through the power of instagram I recently met Rosanna Novella. Argentinian born and living in the UK we had been following each other a while when we realised we lived a stones throw from each other.

We had admired each others work and her love of story telling through her photography work is so inspiring. We took a few hours to walk around the grounds of her home and take some shots in the studio. Rosannas work on portrait photography is particularly stunning and I needed some new website shots. I am the most unphotogenic person alive. I have one eye bigger than the other, I pull very strange faces and I have my eyes closed in at least three quarters of photos taken. Not to mention that I can’t keep my back straight ! It was a challenge!

We took out her vintage bike and filled the basket with gorgeous flowers - taking my mind off the fact that I would need to have some photographs taken.

I assured her that shots of the bike and flowers would be enough but before long I was asked to hold then bike, then just hold it a little closer and it’s fine you look fine. I am a florist not a model but sure enough the shots are actually great and I am so glad I held that bike.

In the studio was much easier, making up bouquets and chatting. Florist at work……... creating…….dreaming……..thinking……. Making things beautiful.

Rosanna Novella Photography


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