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Flower Bucket

 DIY Flower Buckets

If you are looking to arrange flowers yourself or with friends we offer flowers arrangers buckets of seasonal blooms. Each bucket is  a perfect mix of focal flowers, fillers and foliage.  Hand and picked and arranged by colour scheme to ensure that they all look great together. They are picked each evening and can be collected from 9:30pm or left to condition with us overnight and collected in the morning . They contain approximately 30 stems so can be made into 1 large bouquet or several small ones - perfect to share!


We supply fresh, scented, British flowers locally grown on our plot in Hampshire. Straight from the plot we pick the best flowers from the field with seasonal blooms available from April through to the first frosts - usually end September.  Because our flowers are locally grown and do not spend large amounts of time being flown around the world they do not need to be chemically treated. This means that they are beautifully scented and we also use lots wild & gathered ingredients and speciality blooms. We incorporate herbs such as Rosemary, Lavender and  Mint to delight your senses and complement the floral perfumes.

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